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wheel clock
by: Anonymous

I have the same wheel clock and I would like to know more too.

by: Brad

I am also looking for some info on this clock.

Clock Markings
by: Edward

I just saw a similar clock this weekend at the flea market. I did not buy it becuase the condition was not that great. Also the seller was asking $75 dollars for it. Very interested piece to say the least! I'll try to go back to the flea market and see if the same seller is there so that I can ask him some questions about this clock. I'll get back with you later, if I can locate this person. Do you know if your clock has any markings? Thanks Edward......

Wheel clock
by: Ralph

I have the same clock and would also like to sell it.
I've been told that by looking up the patent no. you can get info.
I also believe they are fairly rare.
good luck

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