Antique regulator - does it tick for a year?

by Deborah
(Manitoba, Candada)

Antique regualtor

Antique regualtor

The attached clock has been in my family since it was given as a wedding present and came to Canada on a boat in 1953 ...

I was told it's intended to run for a year without winding - and would really like to know if that's the case.

I'd like to get it running again (it was running in my last home but I have had it crated since my most recent move) - but who on earth can attend to such a uniqe clock? It has a HUGE iron weight that weighs a ton.

The local clock guy says he'll get it running for $600 - but I really don't beleive he understands this sort of clock ...

Any info or advice would be appreciated. Do I need to get it running again in order to sell it? Can I confidently say it runs for a year? Who can be trusted to work with it? What is it worth?

The clock face and the ceramic plate both read "Josef Scherzinger in Budweis".


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