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Dayton Model Tambour Clock
by: Bill

Hi Marsha,

The model in question is not listed in my books, but a lot of their models aren't, so it may be that The Ansonia Clock Company did make that model. A picture would help someone to identify it for you. The label, with its address is correct.

Ansonia clock pendulums are usually fairly easy to buy at any aftermarket supplier. The most important thing to check is the length of it. If it's too long, the clock will run slow, too short, fast.

In a tambour clock, measure the distance between the point where the pendulum attaches to about 1/2 inch from the bottom of the case. Try that length. It can be adjusted by moving the pendulum "bob" up for faster, down for slower.

If the clock still runs too fast with the "bob" adjusted all the way to the bottom, you need a longer pendulum. If the clock still runs too slow with the "bob" all the way at the top, you need a shorter pendulum.

Try Timesavers for buying your pendulum. You can order from their online catalog.

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