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Your clock
by: Bill

If you can e-mail me a picture of the trademark on the dial and let me know of any other markings on the dial and/or the movement, I may be able to help you with the manufacturer.

From the little I can make out, it may be an E. Ingraham Schoolhouse clock.

E-mail is

Identify Clock
by: Steven Lentinio (

Your clock looks like an old Seikosha. You can find more information on these clocks at:
This site is in Japanese but Google has a good translator.

by: Rod


Well, the lady says it's an Ansonia, so I guess it's not a Seikosha but an Ansonia. Date-wise I'd put it no later than 1878 - let the egg-sucking continue.

I have a similar Ansonia which I am told dates from around 1875. Value? Whatever someone's prepared to pay for it. Mine cost me 100 of our quaint old English pounds, but that was 25 years ago.


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