A Golay - Leresche a Geneve deck clock?

by Lynda
(Rhode Island, USA)

 A. Golay-Leresche A. Geneve

A. Golay-Leresche A. Geneve

The Face Reads:

A. Golay-Leresche A. Geneve
The back reads:
A. Golay-Leresche Geneve 8486 Aiguilles

There are two more words that are very heavily stamped,which I can not read. It seems to be Brass and stands 4" High and 2 1/2" Wide. It almost has a shape of a padlock, but it is not, that is just the best description I can come up with.

My Grandfather was in the Marines and my father said the clock may be a Chronometer, if I am spelling that correctly. I would like to know more about the clock, thank you ahead of time for your help.

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