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New Haven Clock
by: Bill

The clock is known as an OGEE, or OG clock. Many clock companies in America made these from about 1850 - 1900. The large hole in the dial was to show off the brass movement. Most clocks in America before that time had wood movements.

Although the clock is old and is a very nice antique, the fact that there were so many made has kept the price of them down to $150 - $300.

by: Euan

The clock is definitely an Ogee, The bottom glass in the door usually has a reverse printed scene showing, the glass in this clock may have been replaced or possibly 'cleaned'

What did you ever find ?
by: Luke H

I believe I have the same clock - Mine is a New Haven clock (instructions in the clock say that) - mine has a penciled note on the back (Sold Dec 19, 1900) - its in Good condiction, but needs some work - wondered what you found out about your clock. But looking at the picture, theyre' the same clock (mine does still have the original glass below). Thx !!

OG clock
by: G.Mckone

My great grandfather ( 1800 -1869)of Thamesford Ontario, purchased 5 such clocks from an itinerant clock pedlar for his 5 sons. The clocks must be circa 1869 at the latest. I still have one, which will run. It is a weight driven movement, and there are two cast lead weights inside the case, to the left and right of the door. I restrung the weights using fishing line, and found the clock would not run, so reverted to the cotton string cord, and presto--it operated again.
It is a Seth Thomas and has the original key, and flower painting on the inside of the glass door. I believe it may have had an alarm strike, but that coiled spring is missing.

30 hour new haven clock
by: Anonymous

I have a 30 hour New Haven rectangular wall clock. I has the original glas door but the face of the clock is not original. What are these clocks worth and what does the ew face do to the worth of the clock

My New Haven Ogee clock in Canada.
by: Anonymous

I have an original New Haven Ogee clock that was sold by a jeweller in a small town for .25 cents.
It still has this information on the inside
of the clock and you can read the tablet through
the glass. It has a reverse painting on the glass door of a flower. I am not sure of the exact
date of manufacture, but I suspect it was sold
around 1850. It has a 30 hour brass weight driven
movement, and the dial has the hole through which
you can view the movement. It has a gong that strikes on the hour and half hour. The case is
beautiful veneer.
I have cleaned and oiled the movement and restrung
the cords for the weights. It keeps good time,
and it is one of my prized collections.

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