1950s German - Switzerland Cuckoo Clock Regula plays Auf Wiedersehen

by Debbie Thompson
(Wilson, NC)

This clock is approximately 50 plus years old.

It is quite beautiful and is painted in toned down colors.

It has seven leaves on the clock and top piece and three birds.

It says inside Regula

It says made in Germany

It also says made in Switzerland

It has a patent number 812538

It says Thorens Movemement, Auf Wiedersehen, made in Switzerland.

Has leaf pendulum

Inside metal box it looks lik DV Potu.G.M.angem

It has three cones

Bird comes out on the half hour and cuckoos

Bird comes out on the hour and cuckoos and then plays the song as the cone comes down.

I can't remember if it's a one day or three-day.

It is 14-1/2" tall with crown on

The pendulum is a painted leaf

It is 8-1/2" wide

It is 6" deep

Cones are heavy 5" inch appear to be metal weighing 1/2 pound or pound each.

It worked until I moved and when I boxed it up it stopped. I had had it cleaned and it was working properly so I feel whatever is wrong is minor. I don't wannt to touch it to affect the authenticity of it and would leave repair to the buyer. Thank you. Debbie Thompson

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