1886 Mantel Clock ?

by Carrie Cooper
(Littleton, CO USA)

I have a clock that has been passed down to me from generations.

It has a drawer in it where the key is kept and a newspaper clipping my mom put in it telling a little of the clock. It states how it was made in Bristol, Conneticut by the Ingrahams...Each time this clock has been passed on, the name and the date was etched or penciled in on the back of the clock.

When my mom passed away, I enscribed her name and mine and the date she "handed" it on to me. The oldest date I can read on the back is 1856. And, what a coinsidence it is that my grandson's name is Elias, not knowing about the first name of Ingraham and what this clock means to me...

This is the first time I have been able to find this site and how this makes me feel close to my family...I would love to know more.

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