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Your Ingraham mantel clock's age
by: Eric

Hi, Great find! I can't help with the model, but I think you have an early 1900s clock. Without taking it apart, you can tell approximate age by looking at obvious construction of the movement. First, is it held together with pins or nuts? Pins would put it prior to about 1890. Next, the outside diameter of the winding arbor bushings? 3x the arbor 1890s, 2x the arbor 1900s. Next, brass or iron hammers? Iron is later 1900s. Next, round or flat steel levers? Flat is post 1912. The thumb wheel was changed around 1920. I also look at hand, dial, bezel, and label styles (if available) and case construction. I've been catalogging because almost everyone thinks they have an 1880 Ingraham mantel clock. Hope this helps.

by: Anonymous

Thanks for the thorough info. I've got it in the shop right now for a going over/ adjustment. I do recall the movement body having nuts, but larger holes for the wind key with brass grommet type rings. My clock guy was backed up the last time I had a chance to get by there, but am anticipating getting it back in the next 10 days if my schedule permits. I've still not seen any photos of an identical model posted anyplace, which throws me as to it's possible value...

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