1861 Ingraham figure 8 wall clock

by Trea Reesey
(Canfield, OH)

All I know is that it has an Elias Ingraham tattered and torn label inside that clearly shows the pattent date 1861. It has more or less a bob for a pendulum, that I don't believe is correct as it seems like it has been a little rigged up in order to be adustable.

I think it needs a nice Ingraham penulum, but from where the hook is, they all would be too long and I don't want to mess with anything. It seems to run very well. The chime is a little muffled and rough, but I guess that is age?

I believe I wound it too tight and the whole sequence went kaphlooie and it was even stopping from time to time. Now that I have let'r run down a few days, she is running fine.

How many times are you supposed to wind each of the spots? I am talking about half turns of course.

Also The label was green with black printing. The back is solid with no access door. Hands are very thin and have sort of a fluer des lis pattern to the tips, but pierced. Seems to be made of oak and possible rosewood around the face and pendulum viewing glass.

Love this clock. My wife and I got it for each other as a Valentines day gift. Really would like to know how many times to wind so as to not damage an otherwise charming piece. There is no gilt decoration around the bottom glass as I have seen with many - it is plain glass. Face has roman numrerals and has had a rough life. Please tell me what you can.

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