1804 Grandfather Clock

by Eddie
(Lindale, Tx)

17th Century Tall Clock

17th Century Tall Clock

My Grandfather clock stands 7ft 7in tall. The case finish appears to be cherry, the wood may be cherry also.

The dial is painted wood and the movement is wood and brass. On the left inside panel, it is signed and dated with the same stain as the case finish."-WEBSTER--LITTLE FALLS 1804".

I've searched the web for Webster, with no luck.

I hope someone can help me identify this great grandfather clock.

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wooden gear clock maker
by: Anonymous

yes, have the works repaired.

I own a similar clock .
by: jaime

hello . I have bought the similar clock in a local auction here in Ireland , I got it quiet cheap and it has a inscription on the back looks german to me and a date 1815 its all wooden cogs and quiet naieve it in construction. i have been told its a wag on the wall clock and also that its a sheild dial clock , do you think maybe the movements had been shipped all over the world and the case constructed by a local crafts man . its the same clock as the one pictured but a slightly different case ,, i love my clock most antiques dealers would not give it the time of day because of its sheer simplicity but i think thats the sex appeal to the clock ,, anyway get back to me if anyone has any info . jaimeamour222@live.ie .. thanks and hopefully someone maybe able to give me more info .. jaime

A very similar Tall Clock
by: Bill Harveson

I own a very similar clock to the one you posted here. As a matter of fact I have a picture of it here on the website on the page about grandfather clocks. Look for it down near the bottom of the page.

The case is similar as is the style. I saw in the pictures you mailed me that the movement is almost identical.

If you compare the dial(face), you will probably notice that they, also, are very close - right down to the painted flowers and raised numbers.

I haven't had mine too long. I just bought it from a guy here in Florida that was moving to a smaller place and the ceiling in his new place was not high enough for the clock.

I hope to research it more when I have the time. There is a hand written service date behind my dial that says "service 8/19/1841" and another one from 1863. The first one has a city that looks to be "Oneida, NY".

Again, thanks for the pictures. I hope someone knows more and comments here about these clocks.

My 1804 grandfather clock
by: Eddie

While I was taking photo's of the clock,I found
another signature that said: " cleaned by C.H. Webster, Little Falls N.Y. June 24,1802".

The signature is located on the inside top of the wood dial. I now know my clock is an 18th century clock. I can't keep the pendulum working, any suggestions out there?

Hand-crafted Tall Clocks
by: Bill Harveson

It may be very hard to find out who made the case for your grandfather clock . During the late 1700's up until about 1820, the clock case was considered separate from the movement itself.

Most clock makers would build the clock works and then hire a local cabinetmaker that specialized in clock cases to build the case.

Since cases styles were slightly different from place to place, you may be able to tell where it was made. The type of wood could also be a clue; native woods were often used. Walnut and maple was often used in Pennsylvania where cherry and pine was used up in New England.

The name Webster, therefore, could be the maker of the case since it is in the same stain as the case.

By looking at both the movement and case, maybe the origins of your clock can be narrowed down.

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