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Clock Collecting Tips, Issue #008-New -Clock Forum
February 05, 2009

As I sit here writing this, it's 21 degrees F. here on the sunny Gulf Coast of Florida! Makes me wonder where global warming went. This might not sound bad to all my northern friends, but we are just not used to it. I'm sure looking forward to Spring.

The reason I'm writing to you today is to let you know about our new Clock Talk Forum page. The number one question I am asked on the comments form is "What kind of clock is this?" Number two is "How old is this clock?"

I don't mind answering these questions if I can, but there are just so many types of clocks around, I sometimes don't know the answer off hand. It would take way too much time to research each and every clock I am asked about.

If you go to the new Clock Talk Forum, you will see where you can post a clock on this site where all the visitors can view it and read the information you provide about it. If someone with knowledge about your clock comments, you will be notified by email (if you wish).

As your clocks are posted, I will still answer your questions to the best of my knowledge. In most cases I will be the first comment you get. But why not put the question where thousands of clock enthusiasts may see and comment on it.

I truly hope that we can all have a lot of fun with this. Please don't hesitate to join in! Also, if you have knowledge about another visitors clock, we will all appreciate your input.

Don't worry, the Favorite Clock Picture, where you can show off your best, or favorite clock is still there waiting for you to share your clock with us. I really enjoy seeing these pictures and reading your stories. If you haven't visited yet, check it out here.

Again, the Clock Talk Forum is here. Why not give it a try? All it cost you is a few minutes of your time and you might finally know where and when that antique clock of yours came from.

Bill Harveson

P.S. Coming soon to the forum - Clock Repair Questions

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