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Your Sessions Black Mantel Clock
by: Bill

Hi Darcy,

Your clock looks to be in very good condition. If it is not keeping time correctly, you can adjust the pendulum with the nut on the bottom to make it run faster or slower.

The model of your clock is called the "Manhattan".

They did come with Lions on each end. The hourly strike on a cathedral gong and the half hour on a cup bell.

The dial may look like porcelain, but in fact is called "Iveroid" and is Sessions' trade name for a paper dial covered with a celluloid type finish that is both durable and very hard (One thing, do not try to hold a flame near it - unlike porcelain, it will burn).

The metal arches are cast bronze. The moldings are "red marbleized" with the Egyptian columns also made with a celluloid material.

The clock was manufactured circa 1921 by the Sessions Clock Company. You can see a company history here.

The "book value" of this clock is $400.00, but I can tell you that it will bring much less on eBay.

Thanks for posting your clock. I hope the info here helps.

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