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The United Clock Company
by: Bill

Hi Joyce,

The United Clock Corp. of Brooklyn, NY started business in 1931 by Abraham Levy, who remained it's president until his death in 1961. After that, Dr. Harold Levy became president.

The company specialized in "novelty" clocks. There were hundreds on different types and styles made over the years; almost all of them electric.

They manufactured the entire clock including the electric motor (many companies bought their motors from outside vendors for their clocks).

The United Clock Company is a division of United Metal Goods Mfg. Co.

I may be able to help you with more information if I see pictures. Hope this helps.

United Clock
by: Wyonne

I too have a unique United Clock which belonged to my grandfather. I am sure he purchased it in Ohio well before 1950.

It is shaped like a pocket watch, with the knob on top and a chain. It is 13 inches in diameter and the top (fob?) is 4 x 5 inches. It is electric. The numbers are Roman Numeral.

The back says: United Clock Corporation, Brooklyn, NY, Mdl 47. In addition, it has the letters 'SA' in a circle below the unit containing the works.

Does anyone have any information on a similar clock so I can give it to his great-grandson?

Thank you, Wyonne in TN

Banjo clock from United Clock Corp
by: Joyce from Iowa

I have a United Clock Corp clock shaped like an actual banjo. a rope for the strap hooked to the finger frets and the round part of the banjo.
does anyone know when this could have been manufactured?


United Clock Company Clock
by: Mark Aaron

I too have a clock made by the United Clock Company. It is a model number 40 very large pocket watch that hangs on the wall. It is solid brass so it is rather heavy.

It was my grandfathers and it was passed on to me when he died. I was just curious about the date it was made being there was no date on the sticker that is still on the back.

A price on what it is worth would be helpful but not for sale! I would like to know so that if i find another one like it some day I would like to purchase it. If anyone has any info on it please reply here.

by: Ron Jones

I also have a nice mantel clock of a train with Roman numerals, and an internal light which comes out red from the engine room. It's about 14" long, and 8" high cast metal I think, and is dark, and coper, colored. I got it after my mother passed away last year, i'm not sure if she bought it either used, or new, or if she may have gotten it from a relative, only that she has had it as long as I can remember and I am 46 yr's old. It also say's it's from BROOKLYN, N.Y. and the model No. is 703, I would love to learn more about mine also.

United Mantel Clock
by: Lee, Cincinnati

Inherited a model 990 United Clock that has dome with four dancers in ballroom dresses. Anniversary present originally purchased about 1965.

by: Lori Hemet Ca

I think I have the same clock as Joyce its a model #47 has United on the front roman numerals and a dome face. Do you know what its worth and did they ever make a batttery operated one like it? Its priceless to me since it was my grandmothers. I would appreciate any info you could give me on it.

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