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French clock
by: Bill

Hi Russ,

Is it possible to post a new post with a picture that will help us with the description? If so, in the story box, refer to this "ornate french clock" post so we can link them together.


by: mitch

Hi Russ, I have a very similar clock. The brass ornamentation at the top is different and the face is convex porceline with painted floral motifs forming a chain of semicircles inside of the numbers. The dial also has MACKAY CUNNINGHAM & CO. EDINBURGH (obviously the retailer) pinted on it and the hands are ornate brass. The stamp on the backplate is J Marti, also in script font. Other wise it appears to be the same as your clock. The origins of the clock are a little hazy but I know that it was given to my grand father by a friend who owned it. Apparently my father when he was a boy showed interest in the clock and at one stage was able to get it working. (he was born in 1913). Like you I unfortunately have no idea of its value. Good Luck

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