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Sessions Black Mantel Clock
by: Bill

The clock in the picture is known as a black mantel clock. It was manufactured circa 1908 by The Sessions Clock Company, in Forestville, CT.

It is the Berri model and if it is still all original, it has an eight-day movement that strikes the hour on a cathedral gong and the half-hour on a bell. The dial is white, covered with guilt, and the columns are marbleized with a smoke-looking finish. The case is enamelled wood.

Funny thing - in 1908, the clock sold brand new for $8.75! I'll bet William Sessions would have charged a little more if he knew it would still be around over 100 years later.

The book value in 2002 was $325.00, or about 37 times more than when new. These are nice collectible clocks that should keep increasing in value if kept in good condition.

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Thank you for your post. Bill

by: Anonymous

The "F" and "S" that you mentioned are for "Fast" and "Slow" respectively. It is a fine tune adjustment in order to calibrate your clock. The small end of the key will make the adjustment.

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