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Another Question
by: Connie

If no one recognizes this clock, could it be it is an old movement in a newer constructed case? The seller knows no history on it as she purchased it from someone who purchased it at an estate sale.

Just obsessed with finding something out about this clock!!!!

Thanks for any help.

French Mantel Clock
by: Bill

Hi Connie,

I had a similar clock to yours in green marble. If the movement is round and the plates are held together with tapered pins instead of nuts, yours may be from the same era as mine was.

Mine was imported from France to a well known jeweler in Philadelphia, PA around 1890. I don't know if the clock was brand new at that time or not, but I assume it was.

The movements are very well made and last for ever if cleaned and oiled once in a while. The one thing I don't like is the escapement. The look pretty out in the front like that, but what a mess to repair if they don't work! They have to be set up perfectly before the clock will run properly, so be careful about touching it.

I finally sold mine on eBay, and it sold for almost $450. I think it is worth more in an antique store though.

Thanks for posting your clock. Bill

by: Rick V.

Connie, I too live in the great State of TN. As you, I really like the French Marble clocks. I hope not to offend you but would like to ask if you had plans on selling clock to a caring clock collector. rv305@hotmail.come. Thanks .

UPDATE: Clock Purchased!
by: Connie

Hello Everyone-

After 6 months of hemhawing around, I was able to purchase this diamond in the rough. I am happy to look at it on the mantle even though it hasn't been repaired and is not working yet. Just had to have it! I would still like to know when it was made or anything about it if anyone has any ideas based on the info in my original posting.

Thanks for any help. Happy collecting everyone!


French clocks with Samuel Marti movements
by: Anonymous


I also have a clock with an S. Marti movement. From what I have found, Samuel Marti, won recognition for his clock movements in competition and they were regarded highly enough, that other manufacturers used them in their own clocks. Your movement may possibly be post Civil War era.

Check this link out for more information regarding clocks by this maker.



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