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French Figural Mantel Clock
by: Bill

Hi Semion,

Beautiful clock! The early European clock, especially those from France were indeed works of art. The fact that they also tell time is almost secondary.

Thanks for the great post. Had some great information.

Same clock different manufacturer
by: Anonymous

Dear Sir
I have the same clock,same sculpture motif & same signature (heritage of my grand grand father )but It is signed F. Marty medaille d'or 1900 . Have you any comment?

Comment on Anonomous
by: Simon

The movement can be from a different clock master (as I understand the sign, F. Marty medaille d'or 1900, you are talking about is on the movement?).
I mean the origin movement (from 1850-1860) could be damaged for some reason (clock was dropped) and the new clock master changed it to a new one from 1900, the same quality.

Anyway, Sir, thank you very much for comments, I would appreciate if you post your pictures here.
It is very interesting, especially, as I am writing here, their can be only several figural mantel clock like that in the world.

Have a great day!

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