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Wm. L. Gilbert Clock Co. "Spokane"
by: Kathy in Mpls

I know nothing about clocks at all. I just started researching one that was passed down to me by my great grandmother and I found your post. Mine seems to be very similar to yours.

Mine has a paper glued to the back that says "Wm. L. Gilbert Clock Co." and Winstead, Conn. As well as "Spokane." I'm guessing that Spokane is the model. I know my great grandmother was married in 1906 down in Waseca. I believe this clock was given to her as a wedding present. But I have no idea what year the clock might have been made. It seems to be in perfect working order, has the key, the pendulum, the springs, everything is original on it.

Why do you call this a "kitchen clock?" As far as I know these were always kept in a parlor or sitting room. My grandmother always kept her mother's clock on top of an antique walnut china cabinet.

Kitchen Clock
by: Bill

The "kitchen clock" name for this type of clock was coined because that is where many of these clocks were used. The name stuck and even the manufacturers started using the name in their catalogs.

They were also known as "gingerbread clocks" and "pressed oak" clocks. They are sometimes referred to as "parlor" clocks, although they do not really belong to this group of simmilar clocks.

Kitchen clock
by: Anonymous

Thanks Bill for that great information

Your Clock
by: Anonymous

Hi Mike;

My Friend just inherited this same clock. Hers has a paper label on the back which reads: HAWK WM L GILBERT CLOCK CO. USA CONN.

We are assuming that HAWK is the design name. Don't have any other information as to age.

by: Anonymous

I just got a clock and it has a tag on the back that says LAKE No. 2 manufactured by Wm. L. Gilbert Clock Co., Winsted, Conn., U. S. A, it has writing at the top ( in ink ) that says," Sold Sept. 11th 1897.

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